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Our Webcam showing the Water Tower of Vasa, Finland
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Vaasa, on the West Coast of Finland
and its surroundings

Vaasa is a town on the western coast of Finland. Our town will celebrate its 400 Year-festivities during 2006 with a lot of interesting events. The town has 60.000 inhabitants, 20.000 have Swedish as their native language and most of the rest speak Finnish.

Here You can find some information and a lot of pictures from our home town. So please take a virtual walk in Vaasa, and welcome to visit us some time!

Flowers in Vaasa

Housing Fair in Vaasa 2008

Flowers in Vaasa

Tbe Night of the Arts 2009

Vaasa - a Short Introduction

Samba in Vaasa 7.8.08

Vaasa in Wikipedia


Old time town square

Vaasa, our home town

Churches in Vaasa

Winter Night in Vaasa

The Ugly Side

The Central Hospital of Vaasa

The Central Hospital of Vaasa

A Song- and Music Festival 2006

The Night of the Arts

The Water Tower

The Year of the Water Tower

Views from the Water Tower

Health care centers in Vasa


The Valsorarna - islands

Hotels in Vasa

The 1918 Memorial

Our Town Square got its New Lights on October 1, 2006

Sunset in Early Autumn

Gridlock - A New Monument

Map of Vaasa

Our Fire-Brigade 100Y

The Ortodox Church

Christmas-Opening 2008

May 1st Eve 2008

The Night of the Arts 2008

Night of the Arts 2007

The Statue of Freedom

Winter Walk

The Lutherian Church

Railway Station

Rewell Center

Winter Day in Vaasa

The University of Vaasa

Winter in Vaasa

Winter Vaasa 2006

Vaasa Airport

The Townhall in Vaasa

A lot of Snow!

Winter Images

Sunset in Vaasa

May 1st in 1997

Our webcam - the water tower

Colours of Autumn

Ice Madonna

May 14, 2006

"Myrskyluoto-oratiorio" - a Music- and Light-Show

The Town Square

Tango Queen and King

Independence Day 2008

520 millions of years ago...

Fishing Harbour

XIV Vaasa Choir Festival

Christmas Season Opening 2007

Vaasa by night

Around the Onkilahti-bay

Statues and Monuments in Vasa

Vaasa - a Slideshow

The Bear Park

The Church in Korsholm

The Replot bridge

The Setterberg Park

In the Middle of the Night

Vaasa by Sea

Real Player Movie: Early Winter

NewYearsEve 2005

Vaasa by Night


Penkkarit Feb 16, 2006


The Hartmans House

Samba in the Night

Mine-layer Pohjanmaa

Swedish King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia visiting Vaasa

Nordic Soroptimist Meeting 2006

Map of Vaasa

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