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Tervolan Vanha Kirkko
Gamla Kyrkan i Tervola
Tervola Old Church

Tervolan vanha kirkko
Gamla kyrkan i Tervola
Tervola Old Churh

Tervolan vanha kirkko on rakennettu vuosina 1687 - 1689 ja se on tyypillinen sen vuosisadan tukipilarikirkko.
Den gamla kyrkan i Tervola har byggts under åren 1687 - 1689. Kyrkan har sittplatser för 250 besökare.
The old church in Tervola was built 1687 - 1689 and it is thus one of the oldest churches in the northern part of Finland. It is nowadays used during summer and at Christmas time.

The parish house

Tervolan uusi iso kirkko on valmistunut vuonna 1864 vanhan kirkon viereen. Uuteen kirkkoon mahtuu 1200 vierailijaa.
Den nya kyrkan i Tervola blev klar år 1864 och ligger alldeles intill den gamla kyrkan. Den nya kyrkan rymmer 1200 besökare
The new church in Tervola was build between 1861 and 1864 near the old church.

Sodassa kaatuneitten muistomerkki
Ett monument till minne av stupade i kriget
A monument to the memory of those killed during the Winter War and the Second World War

Tervola on pieni kunta etelä-Lapin länsiosassa Kemin ja Rovaniemen välillä. Kunnan pinta-ala on 1595 km, tästä on järviä ja jokia 31 km. Kunnalla on asukkaita noin 3800 ihmistä.
Tervola är en kommun belägen mellan Kemi och Rovaniemi i sydvästra Lappland. Kommunen har en areal på 1595 km och har omkring 3800 innevånare.
Tervola is a municipality in the southwest Lapland located between the towns of Kemi and Rovaniemi. It has an area of about 1595 square kms and 3800 inhabitants.


My name is Walter Jurva, my Father was born in Tervola Finland in the early 1900's, matter of fact his home was next to the old wooden church in Tervola.We had the great honour, (my wife and I, her name is Elma)to visit Tervola and the old wooden church. I have a lot of my family buried in the cemetary next to the old church.We visited the area in 2001, around 911. We met a lot of my cousins and relatives in this visit. It was very heart warming.I want to mention my first cousin, Hannu Vuolakka who was the person who searched America to find me. We have so much honour for Hannu for this effort he done. If it was not for him I may not have known the family I have in Finland. Hannu was a careaker for the old church.I also have to thank his daughters, Eija, Anne and Nina for their efforts as well.We love them all, (that is my wife Elma and I ). She has a little Norwegian ancest ory in her family as well. All though they cannot compete with the FinnsHopefully this web page is still open and perhaps this message might be passed onto the Preacher in the old wooden church and others close by in Tervola. My heart is in Finland and I am very proud of that fact.I would like to leave this as is and hopefully you might respond.We Love you Finland..hello to my cousins and all..Walter Jurva and my wife Elma Jurva.Please, respond if you do recieve this..Thank You

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