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The Ulrika Eleonora-Church in Kristinestad

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Kristinestad (Kristiinankaupunki in Finnish) is a small town south of Vaasa and North of Pori on the west coast of Finland. The town was founded by Per Brahe in 1649 and has about 10.000 inhabitants. Many old wooden bildings can be seen in the very nice center of this beutiful town.

When visiting Kristinestad, please go to the old Ulrika Eleonora-Church, well worth a visit. Other interesting places are the Navigation Museum ("Sj÷fartsmuseet" in Swedish) and the Cat Whipper Lane, one of the famous streets on our country.

These pictures have been taken on August 17, 2005

The Ulrika Eleonora-Church in Kristinestad was built in 1700. It is still used for special occasions, for example weddings.

Map of Kristinestad

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