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Our Webcam showing the Water Tower of Vasa, Finland
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Gastrolab Slide Shows:

The world around us:

Flowers in Amsterdam

Vienna, Austria

in September 2008

Paris in October 2007
UEGW 2007

Makhachkala, the Capital of Dagestan

Daily Life in Kampala, Uganda

Barcelona, Spain


Oxford, UK

Moscow i March 2005


Art on the Berlin Wall


Yllasjarvi, Finnish Lapland

The Lainio Snow Village


Ski Tracks in Yllas

Saariselkä, Finnish Lapland

A Winter Day in Karhusaari


Syote Ski Center, Pudasjarvi

Levi by Night


Statues and monuments in our home town, Vaasa, Finland

Flowers in Vaasa

Swedish King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia visiting Vaasa

Sunset in Early Autumn

Nordic Soroptimist Meeting 2006

The Best Image Library in the World!

That is what we would like Gastrolab Image Library and Endoscopic Archives to be.

Perhaps We can achieve this together? Many of You have ecxellent endoscopic images just waiting for publication. When published they can be an invaluable resource for young endoscopists and for gastroenterologic education. Images published here can freely be used for noncommercial purposes.

So, please email Your images here
together with a short caption, a notice that our site is permitted to publish them and information if You want a copyright sign © together with You email address (in which case possible commercial publishers can contact You to get permission to publish Your images).

Together we can make the best and most complete Image Library in the World!

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November 17, 2012