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Churches and Chapels in Finland
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Welcome to this site showing some - quite a few so far - churches and chapels in Finland. And when You visit Finland, why not take some time to visit one or two of our churches or chapel, they are free to visit and quite often open all the day! Please note that the texts on these pages not always are in English.

Riihimäki: The Church in Riihimäki

Rovaniemi: The Church in Rovaniemi

Saariselka: The "Pyhan Paavalin Kappeli"- Chapel

Seinajoki: The Church in Tornava

Seinajoki: Church of the Plain

Seinajoki: The Church in Nurmo

Seinajoki: The Church in Ylistaro

Sevettijärvi: The Greek Ortodox Church

Sieppijarvi: the Church in Sieppijarvi, Kolari

Simo: The Church in Simo

Sipoo: The New Church

Sipoo: The Old Church

Sipoo: the Church in Ostersundom

Sodankyla: The New Church in Sodankyla

Sodankyla: The Old Church in Sodankyla

Solf: The Church in Solf

St. Lawrence Church (Vantaa)

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